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Young Contemporaries 2022

April 21 to May 8, 2022


The artwork in this exhibition reflects the complexities of the current moment, as each artist explores both the breadth of ongoing social issues as well as the depth of individual artistic development. From an homage to a vibrant hometown altered by urbanization to concerns around the sustainability of fast fast fashion, these works highlight the next generation of creative perspectives. As a juried exhibition, Young Contemporaries 2022 is an exercise in the reciprocity of knowledge between students and jurors. 


My oil painting titled Driving Down Poplar Avenue was featured at Loyola Marymount Universities Laband Art Gallery for the 38th Annual Juried Student Exhibition. 

My family drove down Poplar Avenue every day going to my sister's cancer treatments. Passing the Joe's Liquor sign would put a smile on our faces when life was extremely heavy. The sign was the one thing we looked forward to when going to the hospital; now it's a landmark and reminder of our past for my family. This sign serves as a reminder to take advantage of the things that you see on a day-to-day basis that make you smile. 

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